You may obtain the plugin here:

LinkedIn Company Updates is exactly what it sounds like. Get your company’s updates from LinkedIn, hassle free.


Backend Screenshot


Shortcode Options

con_class – Sets the class to be attached to the company update’s container

item_class – Sets the class to be attached to each company update item

company – Takes the id for which company’s updates you’d like to display

limit – sets how many posts to display


Example Shortcode:

[ li-company-updates limit=”2″ company=”5255318″ con_class=”linkedin-container” item_class=”linkedin-item” ]


Example PHP:

$args = array(
    'con_class' => 'linkedin-container',
    'item_class' => 'linkedin-item',
    'company' => '5106839',
    'limit' => '2'


Example Feed: